Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who is Monica Brinkman? Read about this interesting multi-talented woman.

A supporter of the EBMRF Foundation, you will find many articles written by Ms. Brinkman that focus on opening people’s eyes and hearts to the E.B. Children.
In fact, Monica M. Brinkman’s first authored stage play, ‘How Lucky Can You Get’ performed in San Jose, CA some twenty-five years ago donated all proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.  With a background in the theatre, Monica has portrayed Lucy (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown), Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) and numerous other characters prior to dedicating herself to full-time writing.
As a Singing Telegram performer, she learned to stare fear in its face, never knowing what odd circumstances would occur each performance and believe us, they did occur frequently.  How about, dressed as Mae West, knocking on a hotel door, only to find a completely nude homosexual couple staring you in the face.  Needless to say, her eyes never left theirs.
Her great love of animals shows as the ‘mom’ of five cats and two dogs, all her babies. She now lives in Missouri with her husband of 28 years, Richard.
Monica’s novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, has pleasantly surprised many a reviewer with its twists and turns of horror, the paranormal, spirituality and suspense. Indeed, not quite the story they anticipated. A story that she confesses just had to be written to give people hope, purpose and accountability for their actions in life. Ah yes, the magic of karma.
You’ll find Monica and co-host Oana interviewing guests who bring knowledge, enjoyment, controversy and excitement to the listeners every Thursday at 8PM EST on their Two Unsynchronized Souls blogtalk radio show.
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