Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Glenn Oliver parkhurst Library

I thought as a way to introduce myself, I would list all my writings, published or not and links where you can read or get the published ones. We'll start at the top.

Bled Out from All Things That Matter Press

Charlie's Christmas and A Simple Christmas in Christmas Collectibles by Midnight Showcase

Barbecue contained in Anthology Laugh Your Shorts Off

Short Humor

Cremation Diet -

Exorcising -

Stealing the Spotlight (one of my favorites)

What's In A Name

Multiple Short Humor published in the Tooele Transcript -  (Shopping for a Horse is another of my favorites)

Those are all the published ones I can find links to. I also published 'The Only Thing I Shot Was My Reputation' Outdoor Life September 2001 and reprinted in 2006 I believe. Love Hurts was also published by an on line magazine that has apparently dissolved.

Tomorrow I'll try to list all the unpublished ones. Then I'll solicit help in deciding which to publish next.

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