Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011

As I promised, below is a list of most of the things I have written but have yet published. Next we may vote on which I pursue for publication next.


Bus Driver: Chief of Security at a nuclear weapons plant, John Barnes takes on terrorists in a personal way.

Script: Novelist Art Alivin is a victim of a brain tumor he doesn’t know he has. It splits his personality into good and bad. Is good ever strong enough to win against bad, even when the stakes are high and murder is on his hands?

The Ulasiga: The monster that can’t leave the dark uses brain power to manipulate poor Davy into bringing him a lifetime supply of food in the form of abused children. Will Davy’s affliction, Downs, doom him to committing a crime in which he’ll never forgive himself?  

Being Human: Life should be simple but it never is. Did you marry the wrong man? Will the right one come and take you away from it all, or will you slide into the depths of depression and live without living.

Escort: Phillip finds himself dead and following a path because what else is there to do in this strange place. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, he picks up companions as he travels, but this place is no Oz and as he passes through town after town the going gets worse.

Wizzers and Weirdos: Ripped into another world by a girl that is slightly different from any other girl he’s seen, Jerry is at least glad he escaped Renaldo and his buddies. The adventure he shared with this girl that could take them to different worlds wasn’t all fun. Some sought to kill her and him to hide her power.


Walk in the Woods: On his final journey, the old man followed a familiar path that had many years ago only brought him happiness. This nostalgic journey can only lead to one place.

Love and Laughter: Think long, think wrong. Will this crossed up trio be able to act on their feelings or out think themselves into lonliness?

Great Northern Ontario Fishing Contest: We fished, we fought, we lied. Humor.


Ye Are Gods: The Bible tell us so. Why struggle with God? How I resolved my conflict.


Unsung Heroes Unseen Places: 50 states in 52 weeks. A journey across America to volunteer at every sort of place while traveling in an RV. A search for empathy.

The Elk: He was close, real close.

Short Stories

Be My Valentine 2 – sappy lack of love story

Be My Valentine – sappy loss of love story

Depravity – Horror – sickness warps the mind but death can cure the depravity inside. But can he die quick enough?

God’s Meeting: Humor - What is God up to today?

I Always Wanted to be a Part of You: Science Fiction – Travel through time to change the past to cure the future.

Suicide: Horror - Will the bullet work?

The Spot – Science Fiction – Are aliens betting against us?

The Lob – Flash Fiction – How does a tennis match end?

The Artist: Humor – How hard can it be to write?

Pain 101 – One sided love affair.

Oak – Horror – Can plants move? Can trees seek revenge?

Caress – Fiction Thriller – The long past of poets return but at what cost?

Ghost of a Chance – Supernatural Thriller (a favorite) Can you fall in love with a ghost? How far will you go to keep them from crossing over? And who is forcing them on?

Ghost Stories – Horror – still in writing.

Halloween Special – Horror Humor – Revenge! A dish best served with a cold beer.

Locked In – Horror – Unbelief becomes belief what this reporter gets locked in the haunted house.

Money for Nothing – Thriller – Stealing illegal cash is one way to make a living. Taking it from the wrong guy is as bad as falling in love.

Prise – Horror Thriller – How were they dying? Who was the killer? This detective had to change his beliefs about the afterlife to find the killer.

Split the Veil – Supernatural – The veil between this world and beyond can be thin so what happens when you slip across.

Star pirates – Science fiction – Captured by aliens deep beneath the sea. Escape? Not in this lifetime.

Sucking Lemons – Some ghosts must die. Who is gonna kill them before they take the living?

Thanksgiving Again -  Horror – You can’t go home again. Or can you?

Hunting and Outdoor Humor

Love Hurts

Boys will be Boys


Guided Tour





Fishin’ Lesson

Slippery Rides Again


Be Prepared


Flying Fish

Ice Fishin’



Short Humor

An Ill Wind Blows

Cattle Call


I Fought the Law


May I help You

No Country for Old Men and Terrorize, Traumatize, and Tenderize

Reality TV

Self Portrait

Slipping Into old Age



The Artist

The Fart

Thirty Thousand Feet

Toilet Paper

Trick or Treat

Ultimate Diet

Up and Down the Newcommers Curse

Utah Weather

Utah Winters


Vegas Baby

What happened to Yesterday

Writing Gone Awry

Yelling Fire in a Crowed Theater


Death Sweeps the Streets



Phaith and Phantisy

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